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Why Massman

We provide a wide array of packaging resources–from single machines to integrated full production lines–manufactured and serviced by our multiple member companies. Massman Companies are united by a focused commitment to quality, innovation, collaboration, and service that lets us deliver many capabilities as a single source.

THE EXTENDED CAPABILITIES of Massman Companies, we provide packaging solutions from the beginning to the end of your line and everything in between. Here is a sampling of additional solutions we build. •

  • Case Packers
  • Palletizers
  • Cartoners
  • Unscramblers
  • Drum/Tote Fillers
  • Cappers
  • Shrink Wrappers
  • Pouch Fillers
  • Orienters
  • Shrink Bundlers
  • & More

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We believe that the most valuable thing we have to offer you is a collaboration with you to find the most effective solution for your need. Your input combined with our expertise is the key to finding that solution. The most efficient machinery is not the right solution unless it works with your unique production and packaging processes. For this reason, every project we undertake begins with a detailed analysis by both of our teams, working together. That first step will lead to the most effective solution.

Our Experience

Though on paper we have been in existence for about forty years, the combined years of experience of the member companies of Massman Companies far exceeds that. And since that experience is in multiple industry segments, with multiple equipment types, its value is even greater. Our experience is not measured in years, but in the number of systems built and successes delivered over multiple industry segments in those years. Our accumulated experience providing packaging solutions is what guides us in building your successful solution.

Engineering Expertise

All of our Massman Companies are engineering companies. We manufacture machinery, but each of those machines begins with design and engineering know-how and incorporates capabilities that address your specific production needs. In the same way, our superior engineering skill and experience enable us to integrate systems manufactured by our several companies into a single efficient production solution.

Customer Support

We strive to build long-term relationships with all of our customers. We believe that at the core of that relationship is being available to you at any time, responding to any request and meeting every need. From answering questions about machine performance to supplying spare parts, we are your partner in assuring that you achieve maximum productivity. We also believe that maintaining that relationship requires us to be proactive as well as responding to your requests. We will routinely contact you to make sure systems are working as needed and alerting you to new technologies you may not be aware of.